Luliu MUYO hamper-5


A great range of products to use to make a fabulous range of dishes.

The oils and the spices would make cooking fun. Using our gourmet range of products means more interesting and tasty recipes being cooked in your kitchen.

Make up your own box- 5 special products.

Default products any 3 oils, 1 spice mix and the pancake mix. If you want a specific or custom mix please send a note with your order.

Available options:

Any 3 oils:

Luliu garlic and chilli infused oil

Luliu basil and lemon infused oil

Luliu turmeric and chilli infused oil

Luliu rosemary and spinach infused oil

Please choose one:

Luliu pink pancake mix

Luliu green pancake mix

Please choose one:

Luliu grill spice mix

Luliu casserole spice mix



Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 46 × 46 cm


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