About Us

Home cooking is integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Luliu cooks up a storm in the kitchen by creating recipe ideas, coming up with new ways of combining and mixing spices and ingredients to achieve tasty meals.

Luliu wants to share this with everyone and as such now bottle all her creation for a fantastic meal experience.

Home cooking in integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and these products can be used for simple recipes.

I enjoyed cooking from a young age and my grandma and mum inspired me. Over the years I learnt about spices and how to mix them together to enhance the taste of food.

I used to have a lot of different bottles of spices not knowing the best spice to use for which dish.

The chaos was evident in the taste of my dishes which varied depending on what I used whilst the salt content was always a concern for me.

I wanted consistent but tasty dishes and this led to the creation of Luliu a brand that prides itself on lifestyle transformation whilst catering to the cooking needs of everyone.

Luliu is not about selling products but encouraging the use of the right spices to achieve healthy meals and more importantly a lifestyle transformation.

We aim to naturally preserve our products whilst maintaining the freshness of the ingredients used.

Our products fit nicely in the free from range as being a doctor I am aware of the impact of food allergies. The range is vegan friendly with reduced salt and free from MSG.

Luliu has now developed a family of customers who truly enjoy using our range which is expanding; we would like you to join us on this journey.

Remember your health is very important and we aim to keep this at the forefront when creating the products for our range.

So transform your lifestyle and join us on this journey of discovery.


Why Choose Luliu

We are proud to present our latest additions to Luliu range.

Health Benefits

100% Natural Ingredients that act as an antioxidant.

Health Benefits

A good source of vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties.


100% vegan/vegetarian friendly.