Luliu jollof rice – Recipe


1. Golden sella rice 150g
2. Luliu jollof sauce
3. Luliu Red ATA XXXtra hot chillies
4. Butter/Luliu chilli infused olive oil
5. Salt to taste

Time: 30 minutes



1. Add Luliu jollof sauce to a saucepan
2. Add half a teaspoon of Luliu Red ATA XXXtra hot chillies to the pan and simmer for 10mins on low heat.
3. Add the parboiled rice to the pan (optional- stir fry the rice with the Luliu wok spice mix)
4. Simmer until cooked, you might need to add water if needed. Just add a little at a time.
5. Add salt to taste.
6. Add the Luliu infused oil about 2 tablespoons or a knob of butter and stir.
7. The rice should be cooked al dente.
8. Enjoy.

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